Feeling lonely in a busy world 🌎


Feeling lonely in a busy world.

Anyone else go through life and feel lonely on some nights wondering where all your friends are or went??

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how we can be in such a busy world, but still feel all alone. And before I get started I know Jesus is always there, I’m talking about friends minus him. Because after all Jesus had friends., and we all know Jesus is always there.

To think how we go to work, church, wherever we go with lots of other women, but still can feel like we never fit in anywhere…. I know if I didn’t text some people, I think my phone would be dry for weeks on end lol. Do an experiment and see if your the one reaching out or they reach out… You’d be surprised lol.

but then I got to thinking that’s nothing more than the lies of the enemy trying to attack our mind and make us feel like we’re all alone.
I’ve found myself from time to time going group to group trying to fit in, find people to talk to, and so on.

Well the Lord finally revealed to me to STOP. He will place me where I need to be when He needs me there. Maybe I’ve been running after the wrong friends. I just need to make sure I have a couple people that can agree in prayer with me, but other than that, He’ll bring the right friends to me when I need them in my life.

So whenever We’re lonely and start to think what is this new life worth when it’s so hard to have friends in it.. we have to remember He will always place us where we need to be AND give us WHO needs to be there.. And start to pray that He will put you in the right place with the right people, and that you will also be the right friend that people need.

PS: if you ever need someone to talk to as a friend I’m here for you ☺️☺️


Scripture writing ✍🏼

What’s a better way to get closer to the heart of God than through writing His word out. We’ll be doing a 31 day scripture writing through the month of August that focuses on fear and anxiety. To overcome the things of the world we need to get the word of God indwelled in our hearts, and the best way to do that is by writing out the verses. Be creative. I have a separate tab in my binder that I use for my Write the Scripture challenges. It’s a way to have these scriptures handy when life may come tumbling down on you.., 396AE2E5-DB61-4B0B-94F7-7489BC6C3D84

Keep Going

A little encouragement for someone…

If you know me, you’ll 040786A5-4E90-4DD0-B8CD-E9F25F1DBFEDknow I’m obsessed with the skies and the colors, just all of it. Well I had come to the end of my road and the light was red. So I stopped, and I looked left.. the way I was going and it was dark and gloomy. Well when I looked to the right, I gasped at the beauty of the skies… but the light was turning green and I had to get going, even thought I didn’t want to go towards the gloom. Well I was driving, and kept wanting to look in my rear view mirror, to look at the beauty. But it’s not safe obviously to continue to do that.. So I was like I have to look ahead even though it seems all dark, maybe when I get to where I’m
Going I’ll be able to see at least some of the beauty. Well sure enough I finally got there and when I pulled in I seen the beautiful sky I was hoping to see, and not the dark gloomy one.
So you see that’s how our walk with Jesus is sometimes… We don’t understand why we’re walking into that darkness, that trial, and we don’t know why it has to be dark, but if we keep on going, keep on walking away from what we thought we wanted, we’ll end up seeing the beauty He has for us, and it’s gonna be better than the beauty we had if we stayed where we were, or never went through the trial. He’s so Good!! Just keep walking, keep trusting, keep going with Him.. The darkness will end and you’ll find the light He has waiting for you ❤️❤️

Face to Face

This book is amazing!!! I highly recommend it, especially if you’ve fallen victim to too much usage of your telephone. Time to get back to the days of communication of face to face and not just through a text, email, snap and so on. We’re not even talking on the phone anymore… it’s like literal human to human contact is becoming extinct.! 2B3AF6AC-BE8E-4919-BB67-E07C646A29D5